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Chef Patty Neumson’s culinary journey began when she was 5 years old, in her hometown in Southern Thailand. Her first dish ever was steamed mussels with spices and herbs. By age 10, she was able to cook many traditional Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, Tom Yum and Curries. Even at an early age, she mastered many complex dishes. Even then, it was not her dream to become a chef, rather being a businesswoman just like her mother. 


It was 1993 when she first stepped foot in Chicago, as an international student trying to get her MBA. While studying, Chef Patty worked at a Thai-Japanese restaurant and it was at that moment when she truly realized that being a chef is her passion and calling. She went on to open a number of restaurants throughout the years, and Herb is her latest contribution to Chicago’s vibrant culinary scene.

Chef Patty Neumson

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